We're the Genki Gals. Two best mates from Brisbane who find joy in simple, wholesome food. We started Genki Milk Co. because we wanted to share the amazing benefits of real almond milk. When prepared correctly, it contains an abundance of nutrition that is easily absorbed by your body. Genki Milk preserves the natural magnesium, vitamin A, D and E, calcium and cholesterol lowering fats found in almonds. None of these nutrients have been fortified they are real and living within our almond milk, the way nature intended.

Each bottle is made by us who love and appreciate real nutrition. It's nothing new, people have been drinking almond milk for thousands of years. By reintroducing this ancient practice to the modern lifestyle we hope its benefits are accessible for everyone. Genki is here to nourish and love you. Please enjoy!

Love Genki Gals x