Where are Genki Almonds from?

We source insecticide/pesticide free almonds from sustainable almond growers in South Australia. 

What is in your milks?

Up to 20% activated almonds and nothing but real whole food ingredients. Literally all the things in our milks are things you might already have in your kitchen. We've just done the hard yards so you don't have to. 

So there is nothing artificial?

Correct, Genki Milk is free from emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilisers, preservatives and refined sugar. We use medjool dates to sweeten our milks. No derivatives of plants or other chemicals are used to create a false sense of sweet - only the real stuff.

What is the shelf life?

Our milks are super fresh and struggle to make it past five days. We don't add any preservatives or put our milks through any heat-treatment or pasteurisation. This means Genki Milk is alive and 100% healthy. All of its nutrition is intact so your body will thank you for it!

How long will it last?

Our milks will last up to 5 days from being milked and must be refrigerated at all times. Since its a freshly made product we suggest reading the "use by date" and not consuming past that date.

Can I freeze Genki Milk?

Yes! If you don't mind a little separation or visual inconsistencies then go right ahead. The flavour and health benefits will still remain! Plus it will last in the freezer for six months.

Why do your milks separate?

That's natural, just shake it up and we're good to go. The reason other almond milks don't separate is because they have harmful preservatives and gelling agents that might make them appear pretty but they are known to be inflammatory and harmful to your body.

Are your milks raw?

Yes.. and we would like to keep it that way. Raw foods retain natural vitamins and minerals and are not fortified with synthetic stuff. Raw foods reduce inflammation, encourage healthy digestion and balance out unstable hormones. We love being apart of the whole food revolution and believe that more real food should be made available.

So are your milks safe for pregnant women?

We don't recommend it to pregnant women and advise that they consult their doctor for more specific dietary guidelines. 

Why does Genki Milk taste so good?

Ummm because it's real food.

Where can I buy Genki Milk?

We are a Brisbane based local business. If you're in the area either make an order online or check out our market schedule and see where we'll be at next. All updates are made on Instagram and Facebook. Otherwise tell your local deli or fruit shop what's up and get them to contact us at hello@genkimilkco.com.au.

I'm a Cafe and want Genki Almond Milk!

Yass you have seen the light! We too are sick of boxed yuck. We would be more than happy to supply your cafe with fresh almond milk that will complement your coffee like Sonny and Cher in concert. Contact us at hello@genkimilkco.com.au and we will forward through wholesale prices and delivery times.